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Let the experienced debt lawyers, bankruptcy attorneys and other debt relief specialists at The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC help you with your debt problems – from business debt relief to consumer debt, mortgage debt, credit card debt, help with bankruptcy, help to avoid foreclosure, loan modifications & much more.

Debt Attorneys

  • Did you know you will be given certain rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that you only have when working with an attorney?
  • Did you know that debt attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you with loan modifications?

Professional Debt Lawyers Assisting with all Consumer and Business Debt Relief Needs

The Dramer Law Firm is a Full-Service Debt Relief, Mortgage Relief, & Tax Relief Law Firm.  We provide comprehensive relief services, including debt consumer debt reduction and business debt reduction, help with taxes, relief from student loans, and help with collector harassment. 

All of our services assist those struggling to pay their bills, pay back taxes, to help avoid foreclosure,  or to deal with liens, levies, & garnishments – giving us years of experience with these types of issues.  We offer a variety of debt solutions ranging from services like credit and debt counseling,  debt settlement services, and mortgage loan modifications to the more complex areas we practice in like debt collection lawsuit defense, FDCPA lawsuits, foreclosure defense and even bankruptcy.  When dealing with our debt relief lawyers, you can be confident that you are not only represented by the most experienced and successful debt negotiation professionals but that we offer multiple choices when it comes to dealing with your financial issues.

Our Law Firm is headquartered in New York, but depending on the service needed, our network of affiliate attorneys allows us to HELP PEOPLE IN MOST STATES!    We have offices to serve: Long Island, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland, Upstate New York. 

Debt Settlement Attorneys for New York and Many Other States

Whether it’s a problem dealing with credit card debt, medical bills, private student loans, cash advances, reposessed vehciels, taxes, and even underwater mortgages & timeshares – we can help!  Whether your original creditor collection agency, debt purchaser, or even a collection attorney is trying to collect from you – we can help! Our debt lawyers have the know how. We will negotiate with your creditors to achieve mutually agreeable arrangements on your behalf or will fight for your rights in court if necessary.  For a great group of debt relief attorneys, look no further.

Business Debt Relief in all 50 States

If your business is overwhelmed with either credit card bills, SBA or other business loans, lines of credit, Merchant Cash Advances, Tax Debts, Vendor payments, Leases, or any other obligation you can’t pay – then the business debt lawyers at Dramer Law can help.

  • We can work out monthly payment plans to fit your budget
  • We can settle the debt for less than what you owe
  • We can provide debt collection lawsuit defense if sued
  • We can help you either avoid  OR file for bankruptcy

Whatever your current situation, the debt lawyers and certified debt arbitrators have the Business Debt Relief solutions your business needs!

Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense in New York and Elsewhere

If a debt collector has sued you, we have a team of debt collection lawsuit defense attorneys, ready to defend you.  A debt lawyer that can go to court and fight for your rights if that’s what you want.  One also very familiar with debt settlement that can settle your lawsuit out of court if that’s what you desire. One that can either push the case fast through the court system or that can stall the matter as long as possible – all depending on your specific needs.  Our debt attorneys know how to protect you and will be on your side.

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) Lawsuits in all 50 States

What if a debt collector, debt purchaser, or debt collection attorney crosses the line and violates the law?  An FDCPA attorney can help you enforce your rights, and can SUE FOR YOU!  You can win up to $1000 per violation and may also be awarded damages!  Even the letters you’ve received may violate the law.  How do you know if your rights have been violated?  Call us!  One of our FDCPA attorneys will evaluate your situation to see if we can sue on your behalf to get you paid for the harassment you’ve endured or the letters you received.  Our FDCPA services will never cost you moneyGUARANTEEDWe evaluate your case free of charge, and we don’t charge a fee if we don’t win your case.  Better yet – if we do win or settle out of court – the debt collector pays YOU – AND PAYS OUR FEES FOR YOU!

Options to Avoid Foreclosure 

Loan Modifications in Most States

Our debt lawyers have a wealth of knowledge in the area of Real Estate Law.  We may be able to help you obtain a mortgage loan modification of your existing loan contract, to terms that are easier for you to afford.  We can lower your monthly payments, lower your interest rates, reduce past due amounts owed, and can even reduce the outstanding balance owed on your mortgage loans!  It’s important to look for other qualities when choosing a loan modification attorney – a Law Firm that deals with foreclosure defense and predatory lending violations, will have the ability to assist you if needed, at any step along the way.  If you need a loan modification attorney in New York or any other state, call now for your free consultation to see if we can help you.

Short Sale Attorneys for Most States

If your home is worth less than you owe and you want to sell, our short sale attorneys can negotiate with your bank, for you, saving you thousands of dollars.  We negotiate with your lender to have them accept a lesser amount than what you owe, in what’s referred to as a “short sale negotiation.”  Some short sales are negotiable, and some are not, as each situation is different and negotiations are not one size fits all scenarios.  Before we take on your case, our short sale attorneys will be able to look at the facts to see if it is a case we should take on or instead suggest other options to help rid you of your property.

Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure Attorney for Most States

Our Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure Lawyers can help if you have tried to sell your property short and have either been unsuccessful in the attempts or have not even received an offer on your property in order to negotiate.  Our deed-in-lieu of foreclosure attorneys can negotiate with your lender and have them take back the deed for your property without your lender having to go through foreclosure.  This process can save you thousands of dollars instead of missing more payments waiting for foreclosure to occur, and additionally, the legal fees associated with foreclosure that your bank would have had to pay, costs which they would then pass onto you in their judgment.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney

If you are already many months delinquent on your mortgage payments and are either facing or are already in foreclosure, allow one of our foreclosure defense lawyers to help you avoid foreclosure today.  Our foreclosure defense attorneys can buy you time and assist you to fight back against your lender.  We will go to court for you, and we have low fee structures to make our services affordable.  Many cases have only gone to foreclosure in the first place due to predatory lending practices.  We know how to spot these violations which we can then use as leverage to help either: modify your loan; halt or stop the foreclosure action; and even can relieve you of your obligation to pay your mortgage – completely!

Predatory Lending Attorney

Errors, omissions, violations, and fraudulent acts that the banks or brokers committed when originating many mortgage loans which we can hold them accountable for.  Many of these loans, potentially yours, were given by lenders to borrowers, knowing in advance that the homeowners would not be able to pay!  In addition to origination violations, since banks buy and sell mortgages to each other, there have been numerous faulty assignments and cases of fraud relating to these transfers.  Our predatory lending attorneys can help you defend your home and help if you are in foreclosure.  Our attorneys can even sue your lender for you if you have been a victim of predatory lending.

Tax Attorneys for IRS and State Tax Relief Help in all 50 States

No matter where you are located, if you owe back taxes or penalties to your state or to the IRS, our Tax Relief services can assist you.  We do it all including Help with Tax Audits, Penalty Abatements, Payment Plans, Offer in Compromise, Tax Settlements, and can even help with Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me

If you have been searching for a bankruptcy attorney in New York or any other state, Dramer Law has a nationwide team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers, debt lawyers and financial professionals that can help.  We not only charge lower fees than the competition but can spread out the costs and start to work on your case for as little as $100 down!  Put an end to those harassing collection calls and get the piece of mind only a bankruptcy attorney can help you achieve. Eliminate your debt and get a fresh start.  We offer FREE CASE EVALUATION to see if you will qualify.  Call NOW.

Small Business Debt Collection

If you’re like many of our other business clients, you may realize that one of the reasons you may be experiencing your personal or business financial hardship is because your business is owed money!  Think about how beautiful it would be if all of your clients or customers paid you what you were owed, on time.  Maybe you wouldn’t be struggling to pay your bills in the first place?  In situations like these, sometimes the best defense if your business is in debt, is to become offensive and collect what is owed.  Call now to find out how!

Get Out Of Debt Safely and Quickly with The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC

We not only help you achieve the most beneficial result for your unique situation but also strive to educate you on the process and methods that we use to determine how we make our recommendations.  Additionally, we help with budget counseling so you can build a more secure financial future for when your current financial worries are behind you.

As a full disclosure company, when discussing each option, we inform you of every detail – both the benefits and drawbacks.  At Dramer Law, we make sure that we cover any potential road bumps you may encounter with each option along the way.  Our thorough explanations help ensure not only that it’s easier to for you to select the proper service that best fits your needs and risk tolerance when you choose to hire us, but also, while we work for you, your understanding means you’ll never have surprises or unforeseen problems.

If you are motivated to take action to deal with your problem of overwhelming debt, you owe it to yourself to get the help you deserve. Fortunately, you have many rights that your creditors do not want you to know about, and Dramer Law is glad to educate you and walk you through any of our debt, mortgage, or tax relief services to explain them to you in an easy to understand manner.

We are a New York based debt law firm with nationwide coverage. To learn more about your options and our services, CALL NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION 888-314-1722, visit our Contact Us page, or schedule a time to come in for an appointment.

Debt Attorneys Who Work With You & For You


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