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What is an IRS Tax Settlement?

Tax debts are a huge burden for both individuals and small business owners.   If delinquent in paying the IRS, the interest charges and penalties imposed on those back taxes quickly add up to thousands of dollars.  If you or your business are in a situation where delinquent tax bills are accumulating, an offer in compromise or IRS tax settlement might be right for you.

Tax settlements can occur when someone has a back tax liability.  Our Tax Settlement Lawyers specialize in negotiating with the IRS on behalf of our clients to lower the amount of their back tax liability.  By negotiating, we may be able to get the IRS to accept an amount less than the current balance owed as payment in full. The agreement with the IRS to accept less than a full payment and still consider it payment in full is called a Tax Settlement or Offer in Compromise.

What Factors are Considered When Negotiating An IRS Tax Settlement?

Typically someone who owes on back taxes is able to save thousands by settling their IRS debt however, there are many factors to be considered when negotiating like:

  • Amount Owed
  • Taxpayers Age
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Monthly Income
  • Taxpayers Assets
  • Taxpayers Other Liabilities
  • Financial Hardship of the Taxpayer

Assistance with Your IRS Offer in Compromise

Each IRS Tax Settlement proposal is highly scrutinized for the slightest inaccuracy and often rejects many proposals which are not filled out completely to their codes’ standards.  Some inaccuracies and mistakes potentially lead to even higher tax burdens than originally owed prior to trying.

If you have not been employed by the IRS in the pasts nor have the extensive tax code knowledge and knowledge of different tax laws, it is not recommended that attempts be made to settle with the IRS by yourself.

An alternative to doing it on your own would be to have a tax settlement company that is not a law firm try to negotiate on your behalf.  These types of companies typically have CPA’s filling out the forms and may be successful from time to time but are rarely able to deal with more complex cases when liens, levies, and garnishments are in place or on the horizon.

If you hire a regular non-law firm tax settlement company to deal with your IRS problems they will NOT be able to give you legal advice.  If they do give legal advice they are doing so illegally and it may not be accurate!  If your assets are seized they will NOT be there for you!  These are the companies that charge most if not all of their fees up front regardless of whether or not their company save you money!


That is our one and only goal when we go to work for you – TO SAVE YOU AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE!  Our attorneys, CPA’s and IRS negotiators and former employees have combined decades of experience.  We know what to disclose but more importantly, what NOT to disclose.  We will be able to avoid the common mistakes where most others attempt and fail.  We have the experience and know how to get the job done.

Why an IRS Tax Settlement Attorney from The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC?

At our law firm, our tax attorneys, CPA’s, and former IRS employees all bring their knowledge together. Our experience through years of successful proposals enables us to better know what the IRS is looking for when they agree to settling for less.  This knowledge and experience will be crucial to your settlement success.

We able to bring more value in terms of savings on the simple situations have been able to deal with the IRS extremely complex situations – successfully.  Our professionals have successfully helped reduce IRS back taxes owed as well as helped to stop garnishments, liens, and levies and have dealt with just about every other tax problem thrown at them for our clients.   We can do the same for you!

For IRS tax settlement negotiations, our law firm can potentially save you more money both in savings and by avoiding costly mistakes .   Put our IRS Tax Settlement Attorneys to work for you and get on the road to becoming tax debt free and stress free!

Put our experienced Tax Settlement Attorneys to work for you.  CALL 1-888-314-1722 TODAY for your FREE CONSULTATION and let us help you save you or your business today!

Here’s How We Work:

  • When you call, our staff is trained to ask the right questions to get the whole picture. Any member of our law firm that consults with our clients is well qualified with years of experience.  If you don’t want to speak on the phone please click here to download our Prequalification Questionnaire and send it back to us along with your proof of income.  
  • Before making any recommendation they will analyze your current situation including your assets and liabilities as well as your current cash flow.
  • Your representative will then customize a relief solution to the individual needs of you or your business.
  • Once retained, we immediately send our notice of representative in effort to take over any phone calls you may be getting harassed with.
  • We then work on trying to reduce the amount of the outstanding principle that you owe.
  • We never agree to anything without first consulting with you and getting your approval. It is your debt and your money so you have the final say in all of our negotiations.

Put our experienced Tax Settlement Attorneys to work for you.  CALL 1-888-314-1722 TODAY for your FREE CONSULTATION and let us help you save you or your business today!

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*Individual results may vary based on consumer’s ability to save sufficient funds, and complete the process. Our law firm does not assume or pay any debts, nor provide credit or tax advice on forgiven amounts. Process is not available in all states, and does not obtain immediate repayment arrangements until consumer saves sufficient funds and creditor(s) make offers.

*Be  wary of any company that tells you not to pay your bills as certain debt relief options may have a negative impact on your credit report and other consequences.  For example, your debts may continue to accrue late fees and penalties, you also may receive calls from your creditors and/or debt collectors, you could even be sued for non-payment.  If a creditor obtains a judgment against you they have the right to garnish your wages or put a lien on your home.  Make sure you choose company that explains the benefits and consequences of each debt relief option.  Please read and understand all process terms prior to enrollment.

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