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Because Time is Money!

When it Comes to Debt Collection in New York the more time you wait the less you’re likely to get paid what you’re owed. Don’t wait until it’s already too late. Our collection methods are proven. We don’t get paid unless we get you paid! One of our professional debt collection attorneys should be your first option not your last!
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Making the Most of Debt Collection in New York

Time is Money in more ways than when it comes to debt collection in New York.  So what do you do to make the most of your collection efforts?  Do you make your own calls?  Have your staff do it?  Play around with trial and error?  Remember precious time is wasting as your delinquent accounts get fall further and further past due.  Save yourself the time and hassle and let the experience debt collection attorneys from The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC collect what you are owed for you and you won’t pay any fees unless we succeed!

Why you should not collect by yourself 

While learning from past mistakes is great, dwelling in the past is not.  Trying to collect your past due debts on your own after having already expended energy and not being paid in the first place is just compounding your losses.  There are only so many hours in the day that having to deal with debts you’re owed on your own time means you’re taking time away from other aspects of your business that may warrant your attention.  As a business owner it would be more profitable to spend your time looking towards the future and new business or trying to figure out other ways to make your business more efficient and run smoother or become more profitable.  Your role should be managing the day to day operations of your business and dealing with any hiccups that arise not chasing after your customers or clients that are not paying you.

Your Employees Have Guaranteed Costs But NOT Guaranteed Results

Having your existing employees collect for you means paying their salary while they work.  If your employees are already overwhelmed, hiring new ones means laying out more salary, extra taxes, vacation expenses, health insurance, and other potential benefits that would need to be paid.  Then you’ll have to take the time to train the new employee and ask yourself honestly what debt collection experience do you even have to train them with?  Are your collection methods really the best methods that can be used?  If not, you are guaranteed to pay the costs associated with the employees’ labor that it will take you to find out if your techniques work or not!  Hopefully, you can save yourself those costs by just doing some simple research on outsourcing and how most companies are doing it in effort to REDUCE in house labor costs and expenses rather than increases them.  Wouldn’t it seem to make more sense to not have to pay anyone unless you were guaranteed to be collecting the money you are owed? Why pay guaranteed salaries to non-professional collectors when you only have to pay our professional debt collection attorneys when we collect?  With our accounts receivable management service we don’t get paid unless you do…GUARANTEED!

Trial and Error Wastes Time While Your Accounts Fall Further Behind

This is your money, from work you’ve already done and now you’re at risk of not getting paid and having all that time and effort go completely to waste.  In order to collect as much of your money as possible you need to get started right away and stay on top of it.  All studies conclude that the longer you wait to collect the less likely you are to collect.  Our collection methods that are time proven should be used as the first option not your last! There is no time to waste learning from your mistakes through trial and error while your money is falling further and further past due making it less likely to collect a dime with each passing day!  We have a practical, effective, streamlined and cost efficient process that is READY TO GO TO WORK FOR YOU TODAY to reduce the number of days past due money is owed to you and in turn will reduce the amount you are owed!  It is imperative that you act as soon as possible since those that owe you money most likely owe numerous other people or companies as well!  The longer you wait to collect the more likely it is that another company will be the early bird and collect whatever may be available leaving you left high and dry.

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Hire a Debt Collection Attorney!

At The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC we treat all of our business owners with the same level of care and importance.  Whether you have a few hundred people or companies that owe you millions of dollars or just a few people or companies that owe you a minimal amount, we are large enough to get the job done but small enough to still offer a personalized approach unique in our industry.

We can help whether you have customers or clients that:dont just stand there - unsplash

  • genuinely want to pay but can’t
  • are falling further and further behind
  • seem to do anything they possibly can to avoid paying you

All businesses aren’t the same!  Your customers & clients aren’t the same either! We believe all collections efforts should not be the same and as such we cater our collection approaches specific not only to your line of business but also based on the different stages of account delinquency.  Some accounts that are just falling behind don’t require as harsh of collection efforts as those that are over 120 days behind although they should be treated with dignity and respect in any stage of their delinquency.  Doing so will help keep your good working relationships in place.  No matter the scenario, our hard work, dedication, and our level of professionalism will pay off in benefits for the short and long term.  Immediate benefits in terms of money collected as a result of our efforts and long term benefits by using our dignified collection efforts as to not damage your relationships, thereby allowing you the potential of repeat business from these very same clients or customers, after their delinquencies have been remedied.

Of course we know no matter how great we treat your customers or clients, getting the job done is the most important aspect of our work.  Proof is in our performance!  The number of repeat clients of ours should back up the fact that we perform whenever perform-able!

Our Debt Collection Attorneys’ Methods

We get working right away and don’t stop until you’re paid.  We start with a couple of well written letters and follow up with some polite phone calls.  This is where we will be able to see through the intentions of those we are trying to collect from for you.  To avoid legal action,  most usually work out some type of payment plan in this stage or depending on how far past due the accounts are many will end up settling at this time if we have been instructed by you to allow it.  If those preliminary efforts do not work our collection efforts will intensify with a more aggressive call campaign letting them politely know we mean business.

Further investigations are necessary at times where we have to look into other lawsuits against them, and find out if there are already existing judgments, levies, liens, garnishments, etc. from other companies that were owed in the past. If so we will give you an update of such and discuss the best option in that scenario.

We will do whatever possible to try to collect without having to sue, but if after speaking with you it is decided that a suing is the best option, we will do so in attempt to obtain a judgment against anyone who owes you money. Once a judgment has been obtained we will issue information subpoenas to locate assets.  If they fail to respond to or lie on any answers in our information subpoena we will make a motion to hold them in contempt which can result in their arrest. Usually if they haven’t already gotten the message, this is their final wake up call.  Typically, if it gets to this point and there is money to be paid, offers will come in and the past due accounts are resolved.  If no offers are entertained, the information subpoena will tell us where the assets are and will just have to take them ourselves!  To do so we will employ a host of post judgment remedies, such as obtaining bank levies, property liens, and even wage garnishments, to try to collect whatever money is owed to you.

Some debtors don’t have the funds that you are owed at the time we try to collect.  Experience has taught us that the situations facing those that owe you money can improve over time.  Just because they have no assets, job, or money in the bank now, it doesn’t mean that will always be the case.  We will stay on top of your debtors systematically over time, so when things change and the opportunity may afford itself to collect at a later date we will be there to make it happen.  If the debtors try to skip town, we offer skip tracing with the same system used by the FBI where we will be able to find almost anyone, anytime.  They can run but they can’t hide from us or from paying you back.  We will do our best to make sure of it.

Simply put, we will try everything possible and will not give up!  The only way we’ll give up is if you are owed by a company without a personal guarantee and that company went out of business or bankrupt.  If a personal guarantee existed we will keep going until we can collect from the individual. Only if both the business and individual file for bankruptcy, we will then cease our collection activity and return the account to your office at NO CHARGE!

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Our Debt Collection Attorney Fee Structure

We handle most of our collection activity on a contingency basis as a percentage of what we collect from you.  We really have nothing to gain if we do not collect for you.   This puts us on the same page as the more we collect for you the happier we both are!  With our lower than industry average fee structure formulated to keep your costs down, we know we are costing you less when collecting what you are owed!  Just one of the ways doing business with our firm will add to more dollars in your pocket as money saved is more money earned back.

Our typical charge ranges from 20-35% of what is collected depending on the size of the accounts, number of accounts as well as a couple other factors.  Please keep in mind all debts that need to be collected must be in excess of $5000.00.  Any accounts in which legal action must commence the fees are slightly different which a representative will explain when you call.  Should the need arise for court costs, bank account searches, or skip traces, the fees for those services are the only required out of pocket expense.  We do offer discounts for larger placements and we only get paid when you collect!  You have nothing to lo – CALL TODAY for a FREE CONSULTATION!!!

Don’t wait until it’s already too late.  The sooner you get started the more likely we are to collect what you are owed.  Our collection methods that are proven should be your first option not your last! CALL 1-888-314-1722 NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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*Individual results may vary.  Past performance does not dictate future performance.  Our law firm does not assume or pay any debts, nor provide tax advice on forgiven amounts.  Small Business Debt Collection is not available in all states, and does not obtain immediate repayment.