Debt Settlement in New York with our Certified Debt Lawyers

How Can I Get Out of Debt if I want to Avoid Bankruptcy?

Debt settlements can help pay your overwhelming debt

If you can no longer afford your monthly minimum payments and do not want to file for bankruptcy, debt settlement may be right for you. Debt Settlement from The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer, PC can help you pay off your overwhelming debt, especially if most of your debt is unsecured. Our professional debt attorneys in New York and around the U.S. will negotiate the repayment of your unsecured debts for significantly less than the total amount that you owe. By using this process, your actual balances are negotiated to lower amounts and not just your interest rates like with most other options. Typically, debt settlements can lower the amount of your debt to a fraction of what you owe.

Get Out of Debt with Help from an Experienced Debt Settlement Lawyer

If you have fallen behind on your unsecured creditor payments, Debt settlement is one of the least expensive methods to get out of debt while still avoiding the more adverse effects of bankruptcy.  With debt settlement, your finances remain your private business and do not become public knowledge.

Most other options to get out of debt, such as debt consolidation, debt management programs, and even Chapter 13 bankruptcy can require consistent monthly payments.  If you miss a payment, it can lead to your expulsion from the program. One of the most important benefits of debt settlement is that payments can be flexible, as it is meant for people that cannot afford their current monthly creditor payments. 

How The Debt Settlement Process Works

If you have fallen behind on your monthly payments and are seeking help –  do not waste time.  The longer you wait for help, the harder it will be to save yourself money and get out of debt.  The first step is to call for your FREE CONSULTATION.

  • Our staff is trained to ask the right questions to get the whole picture.  Any member of our law firm that consults with our clients is well qualified with a MINIMUM OF 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE in dealing with debt negotiations!
  • Before making any recommendation, we will analyze your current situation including your assets and liabilities as well as your current cash flow to make sure that the settlement process is right for you. We then customize a settlement process to the individual needs of your budget and explain all aspects of the process including the risks & fees – not just how much money you can save.  We do not charge any upfront fees, and our representatives do not work on commission, so we have nothing to hide and give full disclosure when explaining each process.
  • Once retained, we immediately send our Limited Power of Attorney forms to your lenders, or their collectors and attorneys to take over any phone calls in which you may be getting harassed.  We will help to protect you from any debt collectors that violate the FDCPA.  Once we’re in the picture, we can help win you money from any collector we catch in violation.
  • Our client service representatives work on a One-on-One basis, so you will not speak to a different person should you need to contact us.  Your personal representative will reach out to you a minimum of once a month to update you and will contact you immediately if ever necessary.
  • We then negotiate to reduce the amount of the outstanding principal that you owe.  Sometimes we settle for a lump sum payout and other times we arrange for a reduction of principal over multiple payments.   Either way, we never negotiate ahead of what you can afford.  We never agree to anything without first consulting with you and getting your approval. It is your debt and your money, so you have the final say in all of our negotiations.

Put our experienced Debt Settlement Attorneys to work for you.  CALL 1-888-314-1722 TODAY for your FREE CONSULTATION and let us help you save you today!

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Benefits of Hiring a Debt Settlement Law Firm over a Debt Settlement Company

  • There are many companies out there that can assist you in settling your debts, but if you use a debt settlement lawyer to help you instead of just a regular debt settlement company, you will be given specific rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that you only have when working with lawyers.
  • Debt Settlement Lawyers are held to higher standards by the bar committee.  A non-law firm debt settlement company has no rules to which to be held accountable.  Not that any of our debt lawyers would ever violate their code of ethics, but there is no code of ethics for non-attorney settlement companies.
  • Many debt settlement companies and other settlement law firms want to hold your money in a trust account, escrow account, or somewhere else they will have access or control over your money.  They do this to control your funds, thus, controlling you as their client.  These are the same companies that typically charge upfront fees and do not work on an incentive basis when it comes to performing and getting the best deal for their clients.  Since they’re holding your money and charging you up front, they will take any deal they can get just to have one less account to negotiate.  When they do a lousy job, they make it hard to get all of your money back if any at all.  Usually, by the time their clients find out just how poorly arranged the settlements were, the debt settlement companies have already collected their fees, and if terminated it only means one less client for them have to deal with at that point.  Don’t get scammed by a debt settlement company!

Choose our Debt Settlement Law Firm Instead

  • Our Law Firm has no affiliation with any creditors, banks or other lending institutions.  We are not in business to charge our clients interest or to keep you paying another company interest. A Debt Settlement Lawyer from our firm will work only for the benefit of our clients and not for the creditors.
  • As lawyers, we can negotiate settlements on types of debts that other companies cannot such as credit unions, cash advances, medical bills, payday loans, casino markers, timeshare loans, underwater mortgages, repossessed vehicle balances, private student loans in default, and much more!
  • We do NOT charge upfront fees – we negotiate your debt first.  We know our abilities to get the job done and the rates we can attain and are happy to put our best foot forward and achieve the settlements before charging a fee to a client!  Our fees are incentivized to ensure we are always trying to save you as much money as possible.
  • We do NOT hold your money in a trust or escrow account.  It is your money so you will maintain control of it.
  • We never accept a settlement offer on your behalf without first discussing the terms with you.
  • One of the more important benefits of hiring our firm is that we can deal with lawsuits that may arise during the debt settlement process.  We offer debt collection lawsuit defenseWhen sued with a non-attorney debt settlement provider, you will be without representation leading to potential default judgments entered against you.  Instead of calling us to settle you’ll then be calling for bank levy help as well as property lien assistance and even help with garnished wages! We have taken on many clients over the years that have come to seek our help after going with non-attorney debt settlement companies in that very situation in need of us to clean up the mess left behind.
  • Finally, as a full-service debt relief law firm, we offer Bankruptcy as a last resort.  If your income doesn’t continue as planned, or you are not able to secure funds for settlement as intended, your debt settlement lawyer can also discuss bankruptcy – a choice non-attorney debt settlement companies are not able to even advise a client about, as doing so constitutes legal advice.


Types of Debt a Debt Settlement Lawyer Can Lift off your Shoulders:

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Through our network of Of Counsel Attorneys, we can help in many states throughout the country and have offices to serve the New York City, Long Island, and Upstate NY.  If you are struggling with your payments and contemplating bankruptcy, give us a call to understand your options regarding debt settlement to see if that may be a preferred alternative. Working with the assistance of a certified debt settlement lawyer not only grants you protection against debt collection agencies but will also help to organize and explain the entire debt settlement process so that you understand precisely how to proceed. There is absolutely no obligation, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-314-1722 for your FREE CONSULTATION or visit our Contact Us page to learn how you can get out of debt and return to a healthy financial future.

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*Individual results may vary based on consumer’s ability to save sufficient funds, and complete the process. Our law firm does not assume or pay any debts, nor provide credit or tax advice on forgiven amounts. The process is not available in all states and does not obtain immediate repayment arrangements until consumer saves sufficient funds, and creditor(s) make offers.

*Be wary of any company that tells you not to pay your bills as specific debt relief options may have a negative impact on your credit report and other consequences.  For example, your debts may continue to accrue late fees and penalties; you also may receive calls from your creditors and/or debt collectors; you could even be sued for non-payment.  If a creditor obtains a judgment against you, they have the right to garnish your wages or put a lien on your home.  Make sure you choose a company that explains the benefits and consequences of each debt relief option.  Please read and understand all process terms before enrollment.

*The information provided on this site is for general information and educational purposes only.  The information presented should not be considered legal advice, and should not be misconstrued as such, and should most definitely not be acted upon without first consulting with an attorney. The information is subject to change without notice. Consult a debt relief lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction for specific advice.

*We provide Debt Relief services and are a debt relief agency, as defined by the U.S. Congress. We proudly assist people filing for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code as well as various other services to help avoid bankruptcy.